How does it work?

With widespread of Covid-19 all over the world, we came up with a solution that will allow us to enjoy our meals like we use to do it. Our online table booking services from home and ordering food from QR scanned menu on your own device features will save your time and keep you healthy.

Book a Table From Home
Allows you to reserve a table online anytime from anywhere and the restaurant will take care of the rest.
Scan QR Code for Digital Menu
Scan QR Code placed at the restaurant table for the digital menu for ordering the dine-in meal.
Place Dine-In Order
Get a digital menu and place your dine-in order online. The restaurant will serve you order at your table.
Pay Online
Enjoy your meal at the restaurant with complete contactless experience as you have now option of paying online for order online.

Enjoy your meal at popular restaurants now with safety.

Contactless dining ensures your safety while you are at a restaurant. By minimizing the touch elements such as the menu and replacing them with online processes, Contactless dining ensures a smooth and safe dining experience. This way you can enjoy your meal the next time you eat out.

  • Hygienic Dining Experience
  • Minimum Interaction with Staff
  • Comfortable and Safe Dining
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